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E-mail: teja.avdijaj@kompas.si

Director Kompas Balkans: Mrs. Teja Avdijaj

In 2018, Kompas developed a brand called Kompas Balkans. Having already offices from Slovenia all the way to Montenegro and Serbia, our plan was to expand further and be present in all Balkan countries. With a team of specialists, we are able to offer our partners quality service, security and the best value for money.
One job in the core tourism industry creates about one and a half additional jobs in tourism-related economy. Tourism has a high impact on the economic development of the country. Kosovo, placing itself in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula as a tourist destination, is an important area that can be involved in the development of tourism in the region. Development of tourism not only contributes to the overall development of the country but also represents the country’s natural culture and beauty in the world.
Kosovo is not the first country to think of when travelling the Balkans. Landlocked country surrounded with Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro has its own very special culture. Kosovo is a home to one of the most humble, welcoming and warm people. Beautiful landscapes, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, atmosphere, delicious food and cosy warm feeling of home!