Bosnia and Herzegovina

M. Tita 8, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
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Director Mr. Marin Palada

Bosnia and Herzegovina turns out to be an important and interesting destination due to its recent and ancient history, untouched nature, multiethnic culture heritage, international manifestations, pilgrimages, adventures, eco-tourism, and above all friendly and affectionate people. At Kompas Sarajevo our only aspiration is to be at your service, as we were for the last 40 years since we started the Agency in Sarajevo, BiH. Due to unique historical and cultural circumstances people of Bosnia and Herzegovina paid so many times too high price in order to keep and protect their culture. The culture, which in short can be described as “it is not enough to live next to each other but to live with each other, as Bosnians did forever”. Come and see for yourself that this country is not only shaped as heart – it truly is as lovely and loveable as it gets.