History and Status

Looking back on our 65 years

Since 1951, and its very beginnings as the small Putnik transport agency, in what was then Yugoslavia, the Kompas story has embraced the world outside. From a tiny country like Slovenia, no matter how beautiful, it could hardly be otherwise.
In 1959, it was renamed Kompas (i.e. ‘Compass’), and this catchy and distinctive name has stayed with the Company ever since.
By the 1980s, Kompas had over 4000 employees, 150 tourist coaches, 2250 cars, 11 large passenger boats, 10 smaller tourist crafts, 90 Janneau yachts, 2 ski centers, and over 30 restaurants. It had become one of the largest tourist agencies in the world. After Slovenia declared full independence in 1991, Kompas began to create a new, better and far more international tourism story. Today, Kompas has 20 offices located all around Europe and USA, wholly owned, and thus it is – The partner you have been looking for!